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I saw a lion and an elephant on safari. The lion was scary.
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That exercise was super fun … And also the gammes were super nice 100%
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We use a  and an  with singular nouns. We use a  before a consonant sound and an  before a vowel sound.
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I’ve got a p encil and an e raser. There’s a b ig umbrella and an o range pencil case in my bag.
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easy peasy lemon squezy dont forget your macaroni
The first time we mention a noun, articles game esl pdf we use a  or an . The next time, we use the .
We don’t usually use articles for people’s names, countries or meals.
Actually, we never learned articles but I got a hundred marks!
My best friend is called Mai. Is she from Japan? They had breakfast at 9 o’clock.
Articles LearnEnglish Kids articles game esl pdf British CouncilArticles LearnEnglish Kids articles game esl pdf British Council
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